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Rounded-Edge Phone Bag


Rounded-Edge Phone Bag


This is a rounded-edge version of our phone bag that has just a little feminine touch. This “party bag” carries just what you need when you don't want to drag a big bag or have to keep track of a clutch. Phone? Check. Credit card? Check. Lip gloss? Check. This little bag will carry the bare essentials when that's all you need. Run into the store, go to a party, ride your bike to dinner, this bag will hold the only things you REALLY need. A wee pocket on back can hold your phone, drivers license or a few breath mints. A tab on top will keep everything safely inside. The hand-cut + finished belting leather strap will patina nicely as you use it. Our signature cross detail is embroidered on the front. Party on!

7.5" x 5 1/2 "
back pocket: 5" x 5.75"
adjustable strap: 50"  

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